Ferrari 430 Coupe For Sale

Ferrari 430 Coupe for Sale: Get Your Exotic Luxury Car Now

Owning a car is a great thing but owning an exotic luxury car is every man’s dream since childhood. Well, even though not all who get a chance to do so in their lifetime, you can rest assured that it is now easier to own the car of your dream. Getting a Ferrari 430 Coupe for sale at your local Exotic Luxury Car dealer is now possible. This sports car was produced from the year 2004 to 2009 by an Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari.

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Being a revision of its predecessor Ferrari 360, this car has an improved aerodynamic efficiency with a great enhancement to its downforce. Although other features like the roof line, chassis, doors and glass remained the same as its predecessor’s, the look of Ferrari 430 is notably different. With its phenomenal performance, exclusivity and unique styling, it is only fair to say that Ferrari 430 is unmatched with any other. At Ferrari 430 Coupe for sale, you will find the best sports car that is equally affordable and stylish.


One of the major advantages that you will get from Ferrari 430 is the ability of this elegant car to cruise on snow or slippery surfaces. By simply rotating a button that is on the bottom-right of the steering wheel you can set your car to snow, slippy, race, sport, or disengage mode, which is made possible by its E-diff. Ferrari 430 Coupe for sale E-diff, which simply means electronic differential alters the settings of the car depending on the driving conditions prevailing at the time.


Ferrari 430 Coupe for sale is available in 26 different colours hence making sure that you get the right colour that is most appealing to you. The 19-inch wheels, which are fitted with high-performance tires will give you and your passenger a smooth ride like you have never had before. This car also features bi-xenon headlamps, carbon-ceramic brakes, and auto-dimming mirrors, which make driving at night safer. The good thing about this car is that there is room for customization whereby you can make it as expensive as your pocket can allow. It is also good to note that this up-to-task sports car has a firmer suspension, a nicely redesigned rear fascia, lower ride height and centre locking wheels. Its convertible top retracts easily, and it takes less than 20 seconds to do so.

The interior of Ferrari 430 Coupe for sale is luxuriant to say the least with practically everything being covered in fine leather. Its seats are securely fixed, and you can customize them as you wish by using Carbon fibre seats for a lighter car or Daytona seats among others for a different experience all together. The anti-lock brakes, normal airbags and stability control, makes this high performing car safer.

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