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The Luxurious Benefits That Comes With the F458

The Luxurious Benefits That Comes With the F458 Ferrari 458 Coupe is an exotic sports car, which came into the market in 2009. Owning a luxury car goes beyond the necessity and convenience of having a good car. Ferrari 458 is a replacement of the Ferrari 430 and has undergone through various development. The latest model, Ferrari 458 is the latest innovation of the Ferrari 458 Coupe family. If you want a rich driving experience, which you can only derive from a Ferrari, then you should start looking for the best Ferrari 458 Coupe for sale

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The History
Essentially, the Ferrari derived the 458 Coupe concepts from its Formula 1 technology. The model has a completely new design, different from the F430 model. Magneti Marelli developed the sophisticated body computer system of the F458 Coupe. Therefore, when you finally get your ideal Ferrari 458 Coupe for sale, you will have the ultimate experience of driving a luxury car. The car exudes power, and when you step behind the wheel, you experience an incredible thrill of driving a luxury car.
The Ferrari 458 model completes the driving experience of all people who love the Ferrari luxury. When you want the rich noise and the incredible speed of an exotic car, then you should start shopping and look for the finest Ferrari 458 Coupe for sale. You will be amazed to find the exciting features, for instance F458 roof closes at an amazing speed. Therefore, when you are cruising on the highway and the rain decides to surprise you, you will be close the roof within 14 seconds.
The Specifications
The Ferrari 458 Coupe has a 3,250 rpm, which stems from a direct fuel injection engine. You will be impressed to learn that this is a first feature for their road cars. The F458 has a V8 engine, powered by a 4,499 cc. The luxury car has a dual-clutch transmission, similar to the Mercedes Benz. The Ferrari has made the F458 with special features to facilitate the cornering and longitudinal maneuver. When you get the best Ferrari 458 Coupe for sale available in the market, you can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds.
Ferrari designed the F458 for aerodynamic proficiency. You can step on the accelerator and hit up to 210 km/h with no apologies. Moreover, when you do your homework and get the best Ferrari 458 Coupe for sale in the market, your ride can produce a down force of 140kg. The front grilles have winglets that lower when you are cruising at a high speed. The exotic F458 interior incorporated creative ideas from a former Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher. Ultimately, the Ferrari 458 Coupe is the most exclusive V8 engine car from Ferrari.

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