Ferrari F40 – The Dream Car of an Entire Generation

For those of you who truly appreciate the sensation of driving an iconic vehicle, the Ferrari F40 should be particularly high up the bucket list. This is a model which was manufactured from 1987 all the way until 1992. What is more, the GTE and the LM race car specifications went on to be produced for a few more years until 1994 and 1996. This is one of the most iconic models ever to be manufactured and is going to remain in history as one of the first of its kind.

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The Ferrari F40 – You can own it

We are a reliable and reputable supercar dealer who is going to get you a perfectly preserved and well-maintained vehicle of this type. We are well aware of the fact that this is not a car for everyone and those who are going to be interested in purchasing it are going to be particularly informed. After all, owning a Ferrari F40 means one thing and one thing alone – you are a person who knows his cars. The F40 is an old-school classic, even though it’s not that old when you compare it to some particularly classic automobiles. However, it remains as one of the best sports models to impress the wide audience.

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The Specifications to be considered

Now, going further into the specifications of the Ferrari F40, you are going to note that it was particularly light with a weight of about 1,369 kilograms. It had a particularly high output of 471 horsepower which is absolutely staggering. It manages to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h for exactly 4.7 seconds, and it was capable of developing a top speed of up to 321 km/h. This is the approximation 199 mp/h.

A Stepping Stone

Not only does it impress with terrific features, the Ferrari F40 would go on to become one of the cornerstones in the design of the future models of the brand. Taking a closer look at some of the more contemporary models is going to show you the resemblance and that the concepts for some of the newer automobiles were thoroughly based on the F40.

Keep in mind that owning a vehicle of the kind is also associated with a lot of maintenance expenses. This is definitely not something that should sit and rust in your garage. If you are buying an F40, you are certainly going to drive it, which isn’t as cheap as you might expect it to be.