Ferrari F50

Have you ever wanted to own the all-out fantastic sports car that rolled off the manufacturing floor between nineteen ninety-five and nineteen ninety-seven? If so, get your own piece of the pie today, at our dealership, where we offer the best in price used cars. The Ferrari is iconic in streamlined beauty, fast and furious performance and exceptional larger-than-life existence of any other car manufactured to date.

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The Ferrari F50 boasts a mid-engine ranged rear wheel drive sports car for better traction around hair-pin turns and on slick roadways for the utmost in acceleration. This two door two-seater sport car is one of only three hundred and forty-nine made with the last being made in Italy in ninety-seven.


It has been said that no other car in the world can measure up to the performance of a Ferrari, and the F50 lives up to this epic statement. The Ferrari F50 has a 4.7 liter sixty valve V12 engine for all the power to push you back in your seat. This vicious speed demon can go from zero to eighty in 2.8 seconds so you won’t even know you have made it to your destination until your there.

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Style and Beauty- Exterior

The sleek design of the Ferrari F50 is one of Pininfarina’s most beautiful and outlandish designs as of today. It may seem a futurist mirage, but still remains one of Ferraris most iconic technological designs. Most came in Rosso Corsa or red with only four in silver and four in black, with some added yellows and very few darker red.

The classic drama of curves and grace the F50 coming at you down the road will leave you breathless. The body dropped in weight but still boasts the removable hardtop for feeling the wind in your hair as you outpace that Lamborghini.

Sporty yet Elegant

The two seats come in racing style made with Connolly leather and in large or small size. The petals are adjustable, and most of the interior is astoundingly finished in carbon fiber to give it an industrial feel.

The instrument panel is completely and elegantly all electronic with full push button start. The included air conditioning is a plus, but with the removable top, not sure how many of us would use it.

Get noticed on the road today with your own piece of sport car history and come visit us today. We have the Ferrari F50 available for you to test drive, but we warn you, it is extremely fast and furious. Come check out our price for you to drive off in your own piece of Ferrari history.