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Italian sports cars come in many shapes, speeds and colors.  One of these luxury automakers is Maserati.  They were established in Bologna in 1914 and have been making stellar luxury sports cars ever since.  Here at Velocity Motorcars we offer a nice selection of pre-owned Maseratis and we always make sure we sell vehicles that feel like they've never been drive before.  By shopping with us, you know you will be getting a quality well taken care of vehicle.



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Why Should I Get A Maserati

People like luxury cars for many reasons, most notably because it looks good and drives better. People look at the different kinds of luxury cars, whether they come from England, Germany, or Italy because Europeans have a history of such a taste. It is really expensive for a brand new car, obviously, so another option is to get it used, which luxury vehicle brands keep in near perfect condition as if it had never been driven before. Among the list of luxury liners is the Maserati, a staple of high-line vehicles for over a century. Why get a Maserati?

Because it’s A Maserati
First of all, the name says it all. The look if it explains it all. People should want a Maserati because it’s a Maserati and it’s the legitimate vehicle. The brand was established all the way back in 1914 in Bologna, Italy by four brothers and has sold billions worth of Maserati types. Maserati is a global brand in 70 markets. Here’s a bit of history for you: from the 1930s, Maserati began producing radiator grilles as a more distinctive feature compared to other brands. First, it was seen in their race cars, then, in their sports cars for public use. That logo, similar to the devils pitchfork, was added in the 1980s, cementing the Maserati trademark.

It’s A Powerful Piece of Machinery
On the inside, there is the comfort of its leather seats, the sunshine coming from the sunroof, and the easy-to-use steering wheel where driving along. The entertainment features always get upgraded every year, although the difference is not that much. New and used Maserati’s have the same performance. Under the hood, the engines are V6 or V8, twin turbos that are made to become more and more fuel-efficient, meaning fuel economy is a huge plus. The automatic transmissions within make the switch gear-to-gear and suspension technology keeps every Maserati turns smoothly and driving on air.

Bold Is Beautiful
Maseratis make a statement when it is on the road. The Ghibli, produced since 1966, is a classical look infused with the sleek, 21st century of audio surround sound and the Maserati Touch Control Plus. Their SUV, Levante, has a luxurious trim and a Limited-Slip Differential (LSD) at the rear axle for the best traction. The classic legendary Gran Turismo comes in multiple paint jobs for your choosing, exemplifying pizazz.

Unlike any other luxury car maker, Maserati has been successful in interjecting their heritage and innovation in its vehicle, leaving within their vision and legacy. Maserati will always be Italian, but the brand is focused on the future of car production. Today, Maserati prides itself with their values through their past and is reflective inside and outside the vehicles with their attention to detail using the best quality materials. The craft and time put into every Maserati is obvious and car buyers should want that in a vehicle. If you buy a luxury car, go with the power of a brand like Maserati that has only the best.